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About Ted Tjaden

I am a lawyer and law librarian with experience in legal research and knowledge management.

Law-related publications

Books / Chapters / Major Works (most recent first)

  • The Law of Independent Legal Advice, 3rd ed. (Toronto: Carswell, 2021).
  • Causes of Action, Defences and Remedies in Canada (2019 to current) (Westlaw Edge Canada)
    (overview here from Thomson Reuters) (login here for subscribers).

    This is an "online only" database I created on Westlaw Edge Canada that provides detailed commentary and model precedent and factum language for all of the major contract, tort and equitable causes of action, defences, and remedies. In 2023, I added guides on appeals (security for costs on appeal, fresh or new evidence on appeal, leave to appeal, standards of review on appeal, and judicial review of administrative action) and remedies (anti-suit injunctions, Anton Piller orders [civil search and seizure], Norwich Orders [pre-action discovery], Mareva injunctions [freezing of assets], and the interim recovery or preservation of property). This database is loosely modeled on Causes of Action, 2d (also available here by subscription on Westlaw USA) and is licensed as a separate paid module on LawSource on Westlaw Edge Canada that I regularly update, with each topic or "article" containing 4 major sections:

    • Commentary: Section 1 of each article includes an overview of the cause of action, defence or remedy, along with commentary on leading jurisprudence, applicable federal and common-law provincial and territorial legislation (including applicable rules of court), limitation periods, burdens of proof, remedies, availability of summary judgment and relevant summary judgment jurisprudence, costs, practice tips, and a list of related topics.

    • Model pleading and factum language: Section 2 of each article contains model language to plead the particular cause of action, defence or remedy along with model factum language to argue issues relating to that topic.

    • Practice checklists: Section 3 of each article includes practice checklists and model examination for discovery questions and strategies when litigating issues involving the particular article topic.

    • Research references: Section 4 of each article contains a list of all relevant Canadian, British, and American treatises for the topic, along with a list of all relevant academic and CLE journal articles, links to the relevant commentary from the Canadian Encyclopedic Digest and the major American encyclopedias on Westlaw USA, links to applicable WestlawNext Canada Legal Memoranda, and references to all applicable Canadian Abridgment case digests and American West Digest case digests.

    Also included are separate articles on:

    • Pleadings more generally (including statements of claim, statements of defence and counterclaims, third party claims, applications and motions, factums, orders and judgments, and costs).

    • A separate list of leading Canadian legal treatises organized into 48 topics.

    • A short guide to legal research useful for training articling students and new lawyers.
  • University of Toronto, Faculty of Law (Fall 2005), LL.M. Thesis: Access to Law-Related Information in Canada in the Digital Age. Available online:

Articles / Presentations (most recent first)

  • Substantive Law Webinar Series for the Canadian Association of Law Libraries (CALL): I conducted six webinars (1.5 hours each) covering the substantive law courses from the typical Canadian first-year law school curriculum, being the following subjects:
    • Civil Procedure (20 March 2014)
    • Tort Law (30 October 2014)
    • Contract Law (9 December 2014)
    • Constitutional Law (12 February 2015)
    • Real/Personal Property Law (21 April 2015)
    • Criminal Law (18 June 2015)
Archived versions of these six webinars are available here on the CALL website (for members of CALL, password required).
  • "The Impact of Hryniak v Maudlin on Summary Judgments in Canada One Year Later" (2015) 44 Adv Q 85 (with Matthew Karabus).
  • 24 January 2013: "Leveraging Your Document Management System for Precedents" in Leveraging Technology to Reach New Heights: E-Discovery, Smart Phones & Tablets, and Document Management Systems (DMS) (Toronto: Toronto Lawyers Association, 2013).
  • Regular contributor to SLAW (law and technology blog) ( (see an archive of my posts here, 2005-2012).
  • March 2011: "Legal Project Management for Law Librarians: Are You on Board?" (March 2011) 16:5 AALL Spectrum 14.
  • 13 October 2011: "International and Foreign Legal Research" in Advanced Legal Research (LESA: Calgary).
  • 5 October 2011: "International and Foreign Legal Research" in Advanced Legal Research (LESA: Edmonton).
  • 25 February 2009: "Risk & Innovation: Aligning Technology with Explicit Business Goals" in Best Practices & Management Strategies for Law Firm Library & Information Service Centers (Ark Group, New York).
  • 2 March 2007: "Computer Research: Getting the Most Bang for your Buck: The Top Twenty Tips for Ontario Solo and Small firm Lawyers" (with Jeanette Bosschart) in LSUC 2nd Annual Solo and Small Firm Conference and Expo (LSUC, Toronto).
  • 12 May 2006: "Top Twenty Internet and Technology Tips for Ontario Solo and Small Firm Lawyers (in Twenty Minutes)" in LSUC Solo and Small Firm Conference and Expo  (LSUC, Toronto).
  • "Canadian Top 40: What You Need to Know About Canada’s Legal System" (March 2005) 9:5 AALL Spectrum 10.
  • 12 November 2004: "Top Tools for Research and Fact Finding on the Internet" in OBA/LSUC Technology for Lawyers 2004 (Toronto: Ontario Bar Association, 2004).
  • 26 May 2004: Presented paper: "The Best Online Sources for International and Foreign Law" in You’ve Got the Whole World in Your Hands: Using the Internet to Expand the Boundaries of Legal Research (Toronto: Ontario Bar Association, 2004).
  • Case Comment: "Fair Dealing Clarified: A Case Comment on the Supreme Court of Canada Decision in CCH Canadian Ltd v Law Society of Upper Canada" (15 April 2004).
  • 28 November 2003: "Effective Use of Online Resources for Legal Research" in OBA/ LSUC Technology for Lawyers 2003 Conference – Electronic Research: Get Caught in the Web (Toronto).
  • 23 May 2002: "Finding Case Law and Legislation on the Internet" at OBA Conference, Where do I Find That? Internet Legal Research 2002 (Toronto).
  • December 7, 2000: "How Real is Virtual? Authentication and Reliability of Information on the Internet" at The Web – The Future of Legal Research? (Lorman: Toronto).
  • "How to Overcome Your Online Research Fears" (The Lawyers Weekly) (4 February 2000).


I am the owner of Classic Ragtime Piano where I have tried to improve access to public domain, pre-1928 ragtime sheet music, including sheet music from my own collection.

I have recently started to play the Brazilian tango or choro music of Ernesto Nazareth. You can get PDF copies of Nazareth's sheet music here, for free (click on the title of the individual song title; it is not obvious at first).

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